Three Critical Kayak Safety Tips

Are you ready to go kayaking for the first time? There is no denying that kayaking is one of the best adventures that a person can enjoy. Whether you are going alone, with friends or taking a family trip, you will find that it is an incredible moment in your life. You will be wondering why you never went kayaking before. You will want to plan your next trip the moment you get home from the first one!

There is one aspect of kayaking that should give you pause. It is the safety aspect of the whole adventure. Kayaking is not an easy sport and it is one that should never be taken lightly. There are some dangerous locations all around the world, which means that no matter where you are kayaking you could encounter a path that is very challenging.

Here are three critical tips that we have for anyone who is a kayaking beginner:

1. Practice Entering Your Kayak

It may seem silly, but one of the best steps that you can take is to practice getting into your kayak if you have fallen out into the water. Just do it by the edge of the water, where you are on land. You can get into the water and have your partner push out the kayak. Now you can dunk yourself in the water and mimic the condition you would be in before attempting to get back into the kayak.

You may think that it is a silly process. But it is just like practicing any motion. When you want to learn swimming, you do not go into the deep end right away. It is the same when you are kayaking. You will not want to be in a position where you are trying to get back into the kayak after falling in the water for the first time when you are in the middle of the river. It is an easier process if you have done it before on the shore. You will have practice and can fix your technique.

2. Pick Safe Routes

If you have never been kayaking in the past, or you went very long ago, you are a beginner. No one likes being called a beginner, especially when they are outdoors and attempting to prove how tough they are! But it is critical for your safety that you stick to the courses that are not so challenging. These are beginner routes for a reason. They are still tough and fun but they are not so daunting that you will be unable to complete them.

Get a feel for kayaking and the whole process before you attempt anything more extravagant. It is a huge mistake if you put yourself in a position where you are trying to kayak for the first time on a very tough course.

3. No Alcohol or Drugs

We are the type of people who love to have some fun. We cannot deny that we have enjoyed camping trips where we drank or smoked some marijuana (where it is legal). However, we have never gone kayaking intoxicated or under the influence of a drug. It is simply not a safe or smart decision to make.

Just like you would never drive when you were drinking, you should not be kayaking. You must have your wits about you if you are going to survive. Being tipsy or drunk will just ensure that you are falling into the water and unable to get back onto your kayak.