Huck. Live. Love.

Devin Knight

Name: Devin Knight

SBP Alias: “Sir Huck-a-lot”

Hometown: Mount Shasta, Ca

Age: 29

Why do you huck?
Cause I love it. Makes me feel more alive than I do anyother time. And the adrenaline.. And of course for the amazing places it takes you. Also to learn about facing fear and staying calm. And the brotherhood and team work that go into running rivers is something that’s value last long after the trip is over.

Favorite boat:
Well I the first boat that I fell in love with was the riot glide. Played super hard and demanded attention and super fast reflexes, but also ran runs like Burt Ranch Gorge really well. Then the disco really blew me away, really really liked that boat, can still remember some of the crazy down river moves that were discovered like my first free wheel off a waterfall. When I started running creeks and steeper rivers the Micro was the boat to have and I paddled some great runs with it. Ran my first big waterfalls in a LL Gus. and will always remember that boat well. But for the last couple of years I have been really stoked on the Hero, feels like a playboat for the steeps.

Choice boating locations:
For the ultimate in super steep and unbelieveably clean creeks the South Branch Feather river Ca is the most fun that can possibly be had in a day, and there is still so many really cool lines to be opened up. McCloud river triple falls section CA I have run these falls for years now and they are still some of my all time favorites, lower was my first waterfall, Fantasy Falls Ca is probably my favorite cali overniter, healthy flows and huge drops, gorges, falls, great camping, easy access and always something bigger to steep up too.. When we were in Argentina we were fortunate enough to get on the Rio Escondito which is one of the best creeks I’ve ever done, Rio Agrio Argentina was another that Ben and I found on our travels and was nothing short of spectacular, On my 25th birthday my brothers and best friends paddled the Rio Gol Gol Chile, It was an incredible experience, especially with a raft team involved! Epic. Rio Florin Chile, was one of the best first decent i’ve been part of.

Countries visited:
Chile and Argentina.

Summary of your huckings:
Some really fun stuff right around shasta, sacramento R. at thirty thousand, high water slate creeks runs are as good as any creek i’ve done. 7 or more runs over upper falls including one snowmobile accessed run with Matt Thomas and Ben Stookesberry that is super memorable, and three over middle falls including one with really high flows. We were the second decent of the south branch and the first to start running it regularly, from that first trip until the most recent the run continues to open me up to whats possible. Me, Ben and Andrew did a first decent on slate creek that drains into the Yuba that was really really good, still trying to get back on that one. And I have done some of the classics like Yuba Gap, Royal Gorge, Fantasy falls, middle kings, dinky creek, upper cherry.

1st Decent of 99 problems: South Branch Middle Fork Feather, Ca

Photos by: Ryan Knight and Chiseki McConnaughay


Here you will find the exploits of Shasta Boyz Productions. We are a group of athletes hailing from a small town in Northern California, nestled at the base of Mt. Shasta. Follow our adventures all over the world as we continue to party, huck, and live life to the fullest. -Huck.Live.Love-

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