About Us

When we are spending time outdoors, hiking, kayaking, fishing and having fun, it is as though all the problems in the world disappear. It is just us and nature, a quest for survival and a desire to find new adventures. It is the way we have lived our lives in the past five or six years, when we decided to make big changes to our circumstances. Both of us felt as though we were not getting enough out of life, going to our regular jobs at cubicles and waiting for the weekend for every second from Monday morning. It is why we wanted to make a change and explore our passions.

Within a few weeks of making that decision, we realized that both our passions lay in the outdoors. We wanted to make sure that we could spend as much time outdoors as possible. Whether it was fishing, camping, boating or other adventures, we were never going to stop having fun and exploring. It is that passion we want to share with our readers, because we believe it is something that can benefit everyone. You could find your passion outdoors as well!

Not only do we want to talk about how being outdoors has helped us find ourselves, but we also want to give guidance to those who may be starting out on this journey. Given we have been through these experiences, we understand that it is scary when you have not been an outdoor adventure kind of person for so long. You may feel that you have nowhere to start, while you are not experienced enough to do this on your own. But the truth is that by following our guides, you can put yourself in a great position to succeed in your quest to spend more time having fun outdoors!

We have put together several guides that will prove helpful. Whether you want to learn about kayaking, boating, fishing, camping or other outdoor activities, you will be able to get a lot of information from our guides. We have written these articles in a way that will be easy for beginners to understand. But do not fear – we also have plenty of content for more seasoned enthusiasts. We are constantly looking up the latest methods and gadgets with respect to kayaking and other activities. Whether you are searching for the ideal kayaking cooler or you want to learn about some great spots near where you live, our site is the resource you should bookmark!