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24th Birthday: Upper Falls CA

Posted on 27th June, by sh0nb in Hucking News, Industry News, SBP News. 2 Comments

So as usual life has been in the fast lane with summer school starting, my return from Outer Banks North Carolina with Subaru USA and now my leaving for X-Games on Thursday. Anyway I still have some great content coming out from these events and enjoy the little edit from my birthday!

The McCloud River is a special place nestled deep in northern California. This river contains some of the most substantial waterfalls right outside of my hometown of Mt. Shasta. The river literally is fed by Mt. Shasta’s snow melt and is one of the most pristine drainages in the north state. For my 24th birthday I wanted to get in the classic Shasta multi sport day and was stoked to get on some low water Upper Falls, a section on the Sacramento, and a solid 4,000 ft of downhilling ending at a BBQ at my house. Being in film school full time has put a damper on my boating habits but I am always stoked to get in what I can. It twas a glorious day with my buddy Chiseki “The Toothfairy” McConnaughay so sit back enjoy the edit to Ellie Goulding “High For This” and check out some of my local spots growing up.

Photo and Video shot exclusively on the GoPro Hero 2.

2 responses to “24th Birthday: Upper Falls CA”

  1. Caitlin Rose says:

    Hi Shon, Great vid. Love this Ellie Goulding song, cannot find it on itunes, where did you find it available to download? Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  2. sh0nb says:

    Thanks for the support Caitlin! You can find that mix on! Cheers!


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24th Birthday: Upper Falls CA

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