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GoPro Hero 2

Posted on 2nd January, by sh0nb in Hucking News, Industry News, SBP News. 2 Comments

If you are into action sports at all then you have heard of GoPro. I have had the pleasure of working with this company from almost the beginning, with 6 years as a sponsored athlete, I have watched the original GoPro Hero transform into the number 1 selling helmet camera in the world. In all honesty most of the kayakers that saw the first Hero were skeptical of its performance and design, but ohhhhh did GoPro shut them up with the release of the first 1080 HD Head Cam under $300.

Once the first HD Hero was released it quickly was seen in every extreme sport across the board, all the biggest names in surfing, motocross, skiing, mtn biking, and even kayaking wanted to get their hands on them. When I first met Nick Woodman (the creator of GoPro) back in 2006 his enthusiasm and aggressive marketing style blew me away. From the beginning I knew GoPro was going to go BIG but I had no idea they would grow so fast, especially during the extreme recession of the US economy. In the past 5 years GoPro has dominated the helmet camera market with many competitors continuously chasing the coat tails of this innovative company.

The Hero 2 is no different. This camera will set the new standard of high definition (still under $300) with the capabilities of 11 megapixel photos, 120 fps in SD, and wireless technology coming in early 2012. If you have not gotten on board yet I suggest you do, affordable, dependable, with amazing customer service, GoPro continues to be at the forefront of wearable camera technology.

Here is a short video testing new mounts up in Mt. Shasta over winter vacation. With LOW WATER in Nor Cal and being full time in film school at UC Santa Cruz, sometimes you just gotta take what you can get. Check out some low water Sims Falls laps with the new GoPro Hero 2.

If you don’t want to spend the full $299 on the Hero 2, than the Hero is still available for the low price of $239.99 and is what we used in all the filming for Slippery When Wet. Just to show that the original HD Hero is still EPIC, here is a SWW GoPro Reel featuring all GoPro Hero shots.

Big shout out to GoPro and all my sponsors that have made 2011 unforgettable, my opportunities with kayaking would be significantly limited without your support, so thank you for the resources to make all this possible. I am very grateful for everything my life and look forward to the 2012 season, hope to see you all on the water.

2 responses to “GoPro Hero 2”

  1. Jeremy says:

    GREAT videos man. I’m a “530” resident myself. Picked up a Hero3 last spring and already have hours of Lake Shasta video. …my little girls boarding/wakesurfing as well as hundreds of backflips off the houseboat.

    Can you direct me towards a “GoProCinema” for dummies?

  2. sh0nb says:

    Thanks for the support Jeremy. GoPro’s are pretty amazing! You can find tons of GoPro cinema on their YouTube channel. Keep shooitng, cheers!

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