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Slippery When Wet: Drew Duval

Posted on 14th March, by sh0nb in Hucking News, Industry News, SBP News. 1 Comment

So here she is, the third installment of the 7 trailer phenomena from our upcoming film Slippery When Wet. To see the first 2 trailers click here. Next up is good friend and amazing athlete Drew Duval. Duval’s humble beginnings started right here in southern California before moving to the East Coast and continuing to progress his skills there. There are a few reasons why I decided to feature Drew as one of our starring athletes. A prominent factor was Drew’s utter love for the river and passion for being in his kayak. He is one of those guys that loves to kayak regardless of what he is paddling, it can be the gnar class V or a mellow day cruising, it doesn’t matter to Drew, he is all about the swirl. These are highly respected characteristics in my book but enough from me, check out his mad swirl game for yourself. Here are some screenshots from Drew’s trailer boasting some of the finest huckings ALL located here in CALIFORNIA.

This trailer will take you throughout Cali, down a high water South Merced in Yosemite, to Cherry bomb, Graceland, one of the biggest hits I have ever seen in Royal Gorge, and much much more. Enjoy this next installment and look out there are still 4 more trailers to come.

Not sure if I will ever do 7 trailers for a film again, as my sanity comes and goes these days, but hopefully all you in the paddling community are enjoying this industry first. Kayaking some local goods today and then back to the grindstone to keep plugging away at this project. Hope everyone has a great week and make sure to keep posted for the next trailer set to feature white water Hall of Famer and sbp brotha from anotha motha, Ben Stookesberry.

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  1. […] Team Watershed member, Shon Bollock,  introduces us to Southern California native Drew Duval for this clip.  Blog link here: […]

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