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Korg 3.0 Benefit=SUCCESS

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After everything that could possibly go wrong does and you still have a successful event, well that would be the story of the Wet Dreams and HAYMAKER tour. We have been the largest sh#t show in the business, no doubt, but still were able to generate $400 for our boy Grant Korgan. Grant recently did his first sit up in over 7 months, this is a huge feat and all us Shasta Boyz congratulate you one your achievement. KEEP CHARGIN. This tour finale is one to go down in the history books and also a very worthy tale.

First off let me thank all the sponsors who donated raffle prizes to our benefit. HUGE thanks to Liquid Logic, Sanuk, Level Six, Five Ten, Shasta Base Camp, Go Pro Cameras, Helmet Camera Central, Hippy Tree, Snap Dragon, Huckin Huge, Watershed Dry Bags, and Skaddle.

Photos courtesy of Callie Daniel.

So the story begins like many do, I got to Mt. Shasta Brewing Company early to start setting up for our event, despite the storm advisories all over northern California and the possibility that I-5 could get shut down due to the snow. Since I already rented the venue and many were traveling long distances to come support the event, I opted to just ride the wave. Unfortunately this wave was a mean bit@h. As I set up at the venue I received a call from Cody Howard, who was driving up to Shasta from Auburn with his girlfriend Brandy, saying that they were stuck behind a jack-knifed semi at Castle Craig about 30 mins south (in good road conditions) from our venue.

Here is a view from their car about 20 mins into the showing of Wet Dreams.
Photo courtesy of Huckin Huge.

This was not only a huge disaster but he had the projector, screen, raffle tickets, and many other necessities needed for hosting an event. When I got that call there was a huge lump in my throat and was pretty sure we were doomed.

Here is a shot of the upstairs ready to rock, minus projector and screen…….hmmmmmmmm.

We ended up moving everything downstairs, where there was a TV, and my buddy Donny took one for the team and went home to grab his computer. We ended up running Wet Dreams off his computer that he crossed over to the TV downstairs with some cables he brought. PROPS. Somehow it all came together so everyone did not have to wait around too long for the show. After Wet Dreams we had a 20 min intermission and I got an update from Cody.

Finally Wet Dreamin’.

Somehow using his marine training and jedi skills, Cody got off the freeway (there are no exits where he was so not sure how he pulled that off) drove through 2 random snowy backyards and got around the semi, continuing to drive way too fast through the snow to make their appearance. Miraculously they showed up about 15min into the intermission and in time to announce his film.

Here are some more shots of the show.

My partners in crime, da Shasta Boyz.

Huge thanks to these two (Chiseki and Laurel) for not only rallying up from Santa Cruz, but without their help (and Callies) my stress level would have been through the roof!!

These are some shots of the snow the following morning. Chiseki and Laurel were stuck in Shasta for an extra night since his car was not getting out of my driveway due to almost 2 feet of snowfall.

All in all this was an amazing show, and stoked we were able to raise a little cash for a great cause. If you still want to purchase a copy of Wet Dreams you can do so here or HAYMAKER here. Eventually both films will be available at and here at

Again thanks to all the sponsors that made this possible and all the people that came out to support our shows throughout the tour even despite blizzard conditions. You all ROCK and none of this would have been possible without your support. They are calling for another 10in of snow in the next couple days, winter done came early round these parts, it’s going to be an EPIC spring with Slippery When Wet hot in the works.

the story of my life….

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