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Extra Credit: no one likes a dirty beach

Posted on 2nd May, by sh0nb in Industry News, SBP News. No Comments

The world is hectic right now, not only in my life, but the situation our planet is in. It is the last month of school and finals are right around the corner, so I continue to miss my kayaking as I am finishing up my AA.

I am taking an Oceanography course and an extra credit assignment was to come out and help clean up one of our local beaches. The beach that they chose was right down from my house here in Capitola, plus you know shasta boyz loves that extra credit.

The event was very well organized with everything provided and a very enthusiastic group of students. There was a total of 108 volunteers that gathered over 2,000 lbs of garbage in just 3 hrs. As I was picking up everything from bags of dog S#*t to broken basketball hoops, I thought to myself how surprised I was that we don’t do this more often. I have participated in a few beach clean ups but this one something kinda clicked.

Here are some photos from the clean up.

Over my left shoulder you can see the couch they pulled out of a creek bed here in town…….. burly. Who dumps a couch in a creek?

The moral of this update: if your walking down the street/beach/river and you see garbage, don’t be that guy that just walks past it……….. only tools do that.

I just finished my Anthropology mid term and now have to force myself into this 14 hr art project. At least all my boyz are getting after it, I am living vicariously through them at this point.

This is the home stretch to summer, maybe kayaking next weekend but we will see how satanic my professors are.

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