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A deeper peek into Hawaii

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Photos by: Justin Patt

So the swell here in Santa Cruz is going off, the Mavericks surf competition was held last weekend and boasted some of the largest waves to date. School is in full swing, including 13 hrs of class on tuesdays, so really just looking forward to the Spring and the Wet Dreams/ Haymaker tour coming up in the next couple months. Here is the first sneak peek into our story…..

The trip was a total transit time of 24 hrs of driving and plane transfers, but it felt great to be with a boat heading to a destination we had all be dreaming of. The trip started in Mt. Shasta where I was joined by Justin Patt. We drove to Portland and stayed the night with fellow Shasta Boy Ryan Knight. Ryan was kind enough to wake up at 6am to drive us to the airport and there the adventure began…

Oahu International Airport

Once in Hilo, after a bumpy 7hr flight, we met up with the Huckin Huge crew consisting of Cody Howard, Jake Sanders, and producer Harrison Tobin.

Hilo International Airport

We loaded up the boats and headed out for the berry farm, where we would stay the next week. As we arrived to the house it started to pour down rain, all of the crew got excited in hopes that we would have good flow for the trip, but little did we know it was the most rain we would get all trip.

Shon and Cody…… I think the faces say it all….

For the first week we were on set film schedules, not only shoot for our own films, but for a TV series that is being kept underwraps at the moment. The first morning we awoke to a continued downpour that had lasted most the night. All of us had one thing in mind and that was Rainbow Falls on the Wailuku River in Hilo. But to our dismay when we arrived at the vantage point we saw only maybe 8cfs going over it. Everyone was very bumbed to see the Wailuku this low, but we found out some water was being diverted by a hydroelectric plant.

We continued to scout out the higher sections of the Wailuku but still we didnt see enough water to make  a day mission out of it. So we opted to head down and session the hydro-electric plant drop that is right before the river goes into the ocean in downtown Hilo.

Shon on the way out to the ocean.

After having our fun we went and got some chow before heading home to settle into our quarters aka “media management”. That night we got in a good Google Earth sesh to line up where we wanted to go in the morning, we picked out a waterfall on the Hanalei Stream and what seemed to be a lava tube that went through the hillside on a creek 1.5 miles from our house.

The next morning we got some quick grub and headed out to chase the tail end of the water we got on the first day of the trip. After a short drive we pulled over a bridge and saw the dark hole in the wall. It was low but there was enough water in it for the motivated group. The water was brown which made it was clear that this was the last of the runoff from the rain.

Cody Howard with Shon Bollock filming in the foreground.

Shon Bollock getting in some tube time.

Justin Patt with Notorious filming. (Photo: Harrison Tobin)

Myself and Jpatt hiked down the creek a quarter mile or so and came to a pinched  60ish footer that looked runnable but definitely not with the water we had. The tube was a great experience and the first tunnel I have ever gone through that wasn’t made of concrete.

After getting in some tube time we were off to Hanalei stream to see what was in store. Once we arrive we saw a 40ish footer that landed on a shelf with a small amount of water going over it. From the road it looked horrible and from the lip it wasn’t a whole lot better, but for some reason i kinda liked er’ (plus without any guarantee of water on the trip, I wanted to take whatever we could get).

What a beautiful landing……..(Photo: Harrison Tobin)

The goal, in order to not hit the rocks, was to come at it with speed and boost a left stroke to pull myself out away from the shelf below. I really didn’t want to go first but nobody wanted to roche, so we pulled my boat down and I decided to give er’ a swing.

Shon Bollock with the first and only known decent of one in a hundred, Hilo HI

The rock I tried to push off of at the lip kicked me harder than I anticipated and I wasn’t able to pull a stroke since there wasn’t much water. I landed a little over vert but right in the no rock zone, barley touching my bow with the shelf. It wasn’t the line that I envisioned but un-injured it seemed like a decent route given what could have been.

So with a few goodies in the bag our hopes were lifted, thinking that maybe we would get enough rain to light fire. Stay tuned for more Island lovin’, but this is where our first peek ends.

Just another morning in Hilo. (Photo: Harrison Tobin)

Keep your eyes out, more sneak peeks into our trip soon, including a Hawaii teaser from my next video “Slippery When Wet” releasing in 2011.

Something for yall to get excited about…… this beast compressed Justin Patts back on the 1st descent, broke a few of Codys ribs on the 2nd descent, and bruised my hip on the 3rd descent….. thats what we get…..hahaha.

Andacondom Falls, Wailuku (Photo: Harrison Tobin)

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