Packing Food and Drinks into A Cooler on a Kayaking Trip

Are you planning a day trip to a nearby location for kayaking? You will be sure to have a wonderful time. Each occasion that we have gone kayaking in the past few years has been an incredible experience.

It is the type of adventure that you are not even sure you will enjoy, until you try it for the first time.

Then you realize there is an adrenaline rush that you can get from kayaking that will be hard to replicate through any other process.

It is why Shastaboyz want to talk to you about the proper way to pack food and drinks for a kayaking trip.

Single Day Trips

When you are thinking about packing for your trip, it is vital that you think about how long you will be present at the location. Say you are heading there fairly early in the morning and you want to stay until the sun is about to set.

In that instance, you do not have to pack a huge cooler full of food. You will want to take enough snacks for the day, while you should have a bit of extra food in case you have to stay there an extra day or two.

If you are planning a single day kayaking trip, then we believe that you will be best served by a soft cooler bag. These are fairly lightweight and small, while they can still fit in a good amount of food and drink items.

You will be able to take the essentials that you will eat and drink for one to three days, while you can ensure that you are minimizing the weight on your kayak.

Multi-Day Trips

It is very common that people will combine kayaking with some other outdoor adventure. Say you want to go kayaking, hiking, fishing and camping.

There are so many things that you want to do, while you will feel as though you cannot do it all in a single day. You may end up choosing to book a trip for a whole weekend, which means that you are camping for two or three nights.

In these instances, you will still want a cooler if you are able to drive to a nearby area and get some ice at the start of each day. Then you will have a cooler that you can fill up each time you are setting off for an adventure.

In these instances, we believe that a cooler backpack will be a great pick. It will be a bit bigger than your soft cooler, but still light and easy to tie down to your kayak.

Size Matters

When you are kayaking, you have to understand that every bit of weight you are adding is something that you could remove if necessary. So you will not want to bring an item that is far too big and unnecessary. Then you will end up dumping it and potentially missing out on all your food and drink!

Pack Your Cooler Appropriately

If you have never been camping or kayaking, you are probably not sure about the best way to pack your cooler. Luckily, we have put together a mini guide that will help. The first step to packing any sized cooler is to ensure the items you are placing inside are already cool.

It is the first rookie mistake that you can make – putting in warm items into a cooler that you are taking on a long trip. It will just end up with your items being cold after 30 or 40 minutes, but all your ice being melted.

Now you will have to find new ice somewhere, which is not always convenient. Be sure your items are as cold as possible, then you can put them in your cooler.

A second step that you will want to take is making sure that you are only putting food and drink roughly halfway up in your cooler.

For example, guys behind the cooler review site Best Cooler.Reviews claim that you should be packing up 60 to 65 percent of the available space.

Everything else should be ice. It is critical that you find enough space to fill a ton of ice into your cooler – ice blocks, preferably.

Putting just a layer or two of ice is not going to do very much. It will melt too quickly, especially in the hot summer days.

Packing Up Cooler For a Kayaking Trip – Wrapping Up

Kayaking is an incredible adventure that can change your perspective on life and the outdoors.

If you enjoy boating and kayaking, or you want to get started with this hobby, you will want to make sure that you are packing appropriately.

Having a nice cooler that you can use when you are kayaking is a godsend. It will be so helpful when you are hot and exhausted after a long session and you need a cool drink that you can enjoy in the shade!